The exhibition GETTING CLOSE at Espace Art Absolument shows a selection of my new work in which I search for sensory experiences through vivid natural textures and personal landscapes, be it an imprint in creased bed sheets, cracked lines in broken skin or blooming blossoms catching the light. As we get close, things quiet down and we start to feel what the hands touch. 

Location: Espace Art Absolument, Paris, France
Dates: 02.02.2023 – 11.02.2023

Getting Close at l’Espace Art Absolument
‘The Rock’, Indian ink on paper, 186×133 cm, 2023.

‘Sisyphus’, Indian ink on paper, 100×122 cm, 2023.

New work inspired by the Greek legend of Sisyphus, and more specifically French philosopher Albert Camus’ essay on this legend, in which he introduces his philosophy of the absurd. Sisyphus is condemned by the gods for eternity to repeatedly roll a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll down again once he reaches the top. Camus uses this as a metaphor for the individual’s persistent struggle against the essential absurdity of life. 

Our lives are also often a daily repetition, an absurd vicious circle that we live in, but aren’t aware of. In these works the ‘dark’ of the repetitive, the grind of life is broken by the light that is very evident in the paintings. 


‘Broken Hands’, Indian ink on paper, 172×122 cm, 2023.
‘Wildflowers’, Indian ink on paper, 104×139 cm, 2023.
‘Bound’, Indian ink on paper, 70×90 cm, 2022.
‘Blossom’, Indian ink on paper, 73×91 cm, 2023.
‘Striped Sheets’, Indian ink on paper, 50×70 cm, 2022.