I aim to depict a way of seeing that illustrates how I interpret the world around me. In this process I would like to fully immerse myself in the work without being visible. The “I” plays hide and seek. When I paint I expose and simultaneously disguise myself.
I create to expose what lies beyond my surface. Sharing my work enables me to project my vision of the world around me on those that inhabit that world. Their eyes looking through my eyes. Communicating with the world around me is not easy. By sharing that what I create, letting go of the visual in my work and appraoch the invisible, I understand my work better.
I have never considered that what I was taught to see is more valuable than how I perceived things myself. I am still struggling with this sense of reality, as I believe that reality will not allow itself to be changed by anything else than the human mind. I have understood the necessity to research to what extent my reality can reach a level of truth through my work.