Marie Claire
Over the last three years, I have been working on a series of watercolours of Marie Claire. Marie Claire is a both a girl and the embodiment of a time period. She is best described by this citation:
“The futility with which Marie Claire hauls herself through the day, avenges itself in the hours of the night. She is not tired, but is haunted by the realisation that it is time for her to grow up, apprehending that she has been desperately holding on to her carefree childhood. She has been falling asleep with her eyes open and longs to dream with her eyes shut, just as they are when she laughs whole-heartedly.”
During this period, I have only been painting her head, time and time again trying to get closer to the crux of her as a person epitomizing a certain period of time. Limiting myself to a small framework and using watercolours resulted in a battle with water, in which it has been key to find out to what extent I can control the medium and how I can anticipate contingencies. I am always wondering when to leave the paper alone, when it is breathing just enough.

MC.water.4 MC.water.13MC.water.2 MC.water.3 MC.water.5 MC.watercolour70MC.water.9 MC.water.13 MC.water.8MC.water.14 MC.water.18 MC.watercolou69 MC.watercolour41 MC.watercolour42 MC.watercolour43 MC.watercolour44MC.watercolour47 MC.watercolour48 MC.watercolour49 MC.watercolour50 MC.watercolour51 MC.watercolour53 MC.watercolour54 MC.watercolour56 MC.watercolour57 MC.watercolour58 MC.watercolour59 MC.watercolour46 MC.watercolour63  MC.watercolour66  MC.watercolour68 MC.watercolour72 MC.watercolours52

Title: Serie of Marie Claire
Year: 2014-2015
Technique/medium: Watercolours on paper
Dimensions(in cm): 14 x 10 cm