Serie of watercolours and paintings

In order to seek for the ā€œIā€ I have started with the depiction of family photos. I aim at capturing the feeling that emerges when I look at these photos. It is an investigation to the elevated ā€œIā€ that knows more than I know. With ink I have been sketching this feeling repeatedly, getting nearer to its essence every time. It can be found in the introvert soul that stares at me, shining through the gaze of absence of the portrayed on the old photos.

The black ink I have purposely chosen is representative of the layers of the individual, there is more to it than just darkness.

By trying to catch the abstract concept of a feeling, I seek to let go of the aesthetic values tied to representation. I care about approaching the essence of a feeling. However, by capturing this feeling, do I not make myself visible in the work? When viewing my work, the spectator might recognise the feeling I try to seize, but that does not necessarily means he will also see me, I ponder. I seek to represent the people and objects around us not as they appear but by the feeling that is embedded in them and which reaches me when I closely observe them.