DEGANN also known as Anne de Groot(b. 1989) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
My paintings and watercolours are vivid and aesthetically liable images that sometimes disguise an atrabilious element. Mental vulnerability and transience are central themes in the work. The multiple layers in the paintings create an elusive form. Like light, the works are simultaneously fleeting and present. This corresponds with my perception of paintings as breathing organisms. This is why they are not made as mere artistic statements, but originate from a sincerely felt inner necessity. I search for shapes that intrigue and convince me. In my portraits I do not paint faces, but heads, which for me creates a different sense of intimacy. I see the face as a structured spatial order covering the head, which houses the soul.
I don’t work towards mimesis but towards a possible temporary essence of the portrayed, which is often introspective and removed. The transparency of the layers of paint creates discolorations on the surface. These aqueous spots that deform the shape of the heads approach that what is inside, the intimacy of the sitter’s spirit.

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2011 Groupsexhibition Graduates 2011, Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, Amsterdam.
2012 March: Solo exhibition ‘Imperfections’, Galerie Joghem, Bloedbank Sanquin, Amsterdam.
2012 May-July: Solo exhibition ‘Imperfections’, BelastingdienstNL, Gorinchem.
2013 September: Solo exhibition ‘imperfections, HiltonHotel, Malmö, Sweden.
2013 Oktober:Solo exhibition ‘Imperfections’, Kunst10daagse, Bergen (Noord-Holland).
2015 February: Groupexhibition, Sanquin, Amsterdam.
2017 November: Posture groupsexhibition, Superchief gallery, NY(USA).
2018 January: Groupsexhibition, Dasthe space, Casablanca(Morocco).
2018 April: Groupsexhibition, Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam(The Netherlands).
UPCOMING: 2018 August: Groupsexhibition, ‘Genesis’, Athenes(Greece).
Sanquin (CLB), Amsterdam
Private collections.
Oktober 2012: Kunstkrant TenToon (Interview and Cover)
January 2014: Analøg Magazine(Spread with watercolours)
September 2016: Femini magazine(Spread), UK.
September 2016: Youngspacedotcom(Article), UK.
September 2016: La frimeuse(Online magazine, article), Russia.
September 2016: Metropolitan society magazine(Article), Boston(USA).
January 2017: Kaltblut magazine(online magazine), Germany.
January 2017: GIRL magazine(article), Dubai.
April 2017: Dispurs magazine(interview and spread), Korea.
July 2017: Wanda magazine(article), Sheffield(UK).
October 2017: Dissolving magazine(online blog), USA.
October 2017: Unknown magazine(article), York(UK).
January 2018, Polluxzine, interview and article(10 pages), Denver(USA).
March 2018, Unvael-journal, article, Louisville(USA).
UPCOMING: May 2018, ATWY- magazine, interview, New York(USA).